Music metadata – meta information for music

Music metadata (MMD) – what?

MMD is an XML-based format for describing music. The format was created in particular for adding all kinds of meta information to production music, but can also be used on data for general music definitions.

The idea for developing the format was born of the growing complexity of music meta data. As this data often needs to be exchanged between different parties, eg from one software to another, from a publishing library to a distributing library, [should this be “from a music publishing library to a distributing music library?] or to a rights society, etc., there was a need for a specific format which could be easily exchanged, that would be human readable, and easy to transform to other formats. Thus the MMD format was created at the beginning of 2010 by Michael Ettl.

Why should you use MMD?

MMD is extensible, human readable, can be transformed easily to a number of formats
including Excel/HTML/CSV/XML and others, and is becoming more and more the standard for production music. There are already available about 20 different converters to other formats, including standard Excel, TuneSat, the BBC’s “I Like Music” system, Soundminer,  MPN etc.(see MMD users and converters)

The MMD format also makes it possible to store very extensive information, making it simple to supply data for differing requirements. If you define your data as recommended you can supply data to other libraries, to performing, mechanical and phonographic collection societies, to cue-sheet systems, and many others.

Legal notice

The MMD structure format is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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